Micheal Jordan the unreachable figure


When you ask people who is the GOAT (greatest of all time) in basketball, 99.9% of people will say Micheal Jordan and I don’t blame them for doing so. Micheal Jodan has became so GOD like that nobody can pass him as the GOAT. I mean it is hard to argue with a guy who averaged 30pts per game throughout his career, but it is not like he was perfect. Micheal Jordan is my favorite player of all time but people act like he never missed a shot, never had a turnover, and never missed a game winner. Like in this debate with Stephan A. Smith and Skip Bayless, it does not matter how good Lebron James is he will never be Micheal Jordan because we don’t want him to become Micheal Jordan. I don’t like Lebron but he is fighting a battled to become the second best player of all time because in our mind nobody has been or will be better than Micheal Jordan  There is one more reason why nobody will pass Micheal Jordan and that is his shoes

The most popular shoes in america and thats why nobody will pass him because he is the master at avertisment. Lebron can’t pass him because of the Decision and Kobe can’t pass him because of the rape charge. Micheal Jordan will be the GOAT for life and nobody will change the game as much as MJ did.


MVP race 1/29/2013

Every Wednesday I am going to post my new top ten in the MVP race

10 Blake Griffin 

I think Blake Griffin is the most overatted player in the NBA and I will probably say this a lot but he deserves so far to be on this list

9 Paul George

Paul George young all star on a good east team, and they are going to be a good seed and this was all with Roy Hibbert struggling and Granger hurt

8 Russel Westbrook

Westbrook is the second best player on the best team in the league and is a top 10 player in this league

7 Tony Parker 

Nobody can stop him this year maybe beside if Pop wants to sit him

6 James Harden

I mean look at the numbers he is putting up, and now look at the players that are surrounding him, and they would be in the playoffs if it started today

5 Carmelo Anthony

He can’t be stopped this year, his best year as a pro and his record shows that but he has been hurt a lot thats why he is only 5

4 Chris Paul

Best player on one of the best team in the NBA, he has been what the Clippers need and I think he resigns in the offseason

3 Stephen Curry

Who would of thought that the Warriors would be this good, and that is because of Stephen Curry, he can score inside and out, with Ellis gone he has played amazingly and he has not been hurt as much as normal

2 Lebron James

He is great (even though I do not like him) enough said

1 Kevin Durnat

Putting up career highs in blocks, rebounds, and assists and he is on the best team he can not be stopped until he holds the trophy when it is all said and done.

People might ask where is the Black Mamba and even though he is having a great year his team is not in the playoffs and I cannot reward that